155” Steel Pipe Coil Demolition

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Oil companies periodically need to dispose of pipe while still coiled. Still under tension, these twenty-tonne spools present a challenge for safe disposal.
CAC received 25 of these from a single project in Red Deer in 2013.


steel-pipe-coil-demolition-3Steel under tension. The spools were coiled when CAC took possession, and could not be sold intact. CAC developed a proprietary solution to cut the spools without any safety risk to its staff.
Heavy equipment transport. The client wanted the spools off its site. At more than 20 tonnes per spool, CAC could not use single-axle trucks, and used its dedicated fleet of more than a dozen trailers to haul the spools to its Edmonton yard for dismantling.
Large volume. In a matter of a few months, CAC was able to move all of the material offshore.


CAC came in ahead of schedule and on budget. The client is satisfied and is available for references.

steel-pipe-coil-demolition-5  steel-pipe-coil-demolition-2