CAC Natural Foods Inc

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CAC Natural Foods Inc is an importer of high-quality health supplements and products into China from North America.

Chinese consumers are keen to buy foreign brands manufactured under Canadian and similar regulatory and safety environments.  We employ the latest techniques – such as shipment tracking and verifiable, item-specific bar-code registrations – to assure our Chinese customers that they are buying authentic, high-quality products.

Our mission is to make available high-quality, North American-manufactured food and health products to ordinary Chinese consumers.  Our vision is to create an e-commerce platform that is China’s most trusted source of the world’s best food and health products.


Our founder, Hong Yang, came to Canada more than 15 years ago and has built a successful industrial and trading business, CAC Enterprises Group Inc, in the Canadian context, becoming a preferred service supplier to large Canadian companies.

CAC began by importing piping and rebar from Asia to Canada.  Over time, it began to export various products from North America to seven countries throughout Asia. Most successfully, CAC’s recycling division (doing business as “CAC Recycling”) opened two scrapyards in Maple Ridge, BC and Edmonton, Alberta.

In 2014, CAC made the decision to use its “preferred” status with shipping companies, and its reputation in China, to expand its export operations to other products. Pending changes to customs laws to expand e-commerce present an opportunity for CAC, through its joint venture subsidiary CAC Natural Foods Inc, to develop an e-commerce platform.

China has historically tried to keep a tight control on the import of food and food products.  Like most countries, China allows a small-package exemption for personal use.  Our model, which we call B2B2C, is an opportunity to use this exemption for high-value products operating with our decentralized logistics hubs.