Safety First: Delivering Scrap Metal to CAC Recycling

scrap metal deliveryDelivering Scrap Metal to CAC Recycling

When delivering to CAC Recycling, there are a number of procedures to follow and safety policies to adhere to. In order to ensure a safe and timely delivery of material, visitors are encouraged to become familiar with the following guide to delivering to CAC.

Getting to the yard

For directions to CAC Recycling click here

Once arriving to the yard, drive onto the scale and call the front office at (780) 416-8007 to record your gross weight. The front office will collect the information they require and inform the yard of your arrival. Once your weight is recorded, CAC Recycling’s front desk staff will direct you to the yard. If you need extra assistance, there is a map available inside the main office to assist you in reaching the back gate office.

The front office is located on the 2nd floor of the building on site and can be accessed on the north side of the building.

Before proceeding to the yardConstruction worker, safety

Please ensure:

  • Load is secure
  • You have the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the job at hand. The minimum PPE required for entering CAC’s scrap yard includes: hard hat, CSA steel toed boots, and a reflective vest (If you do not have these, proper PPE can be provided to you at CAC’s gate office)
  • All material is free from hazardous substances and all tanks are emptied

Signing inCAC Recycling gate office

At the gate office, you will be prompted to sign in and read CAC Recycling’s safe work practices information sheet. Then, the yard manager will be notified of your arrival and will instruct you where to go to unload your material.

Entering/exiting the yard

When in the yard please make sure to:

  • Follow the directional traffic when entering and exiting the premises
  • Follow the posted speed limit of 15km/h
  • Stay within the safe areas of the yard and stand clear (50 feet) from all machinery in operation
  • Follow all directions and instructions given to you at the gate office and by other CAC staff while your truck is being unloaded

When approaching operating machinery, stop and wait until you have made eye contact with the operator. In the case of approaching an excavator or material handler, the operator will then stop what he/she is doing and lower their arm to the ground. Only at this time is it safe to proceed.

map of edmonton scrap metal yard

Signing out/leaving yard

After unloading, return to the gate office where you will be expected to sign out and return any borrowed PPE. The gate office staff will then direct you back to the scale to record your tare weight.

Drive onto the scale and call the front office so they can collect any more information they require and record your tare weight. Once you are cleared to leave, you may drive off of the scale and exit the premises.