The CAC Advantage

MR yard from above (88)

CAC can offer the highest steel rebate prices in the local market because it has built-in advantages that are unusual in our industry. They are:

  • Long hours. CAC’s Edmonton yard is open from 7:30am to 7pm, and commonly operates on weekends. CAC’s Edmonton yard has temporarily modified its hours to 8:00am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday – if you would like to make a drop-off appointment after 4:30pm on weekdays or between 8:00am – 12:00pm on Saturday, please call with 24 hours notice. CAC’s Fraser Valley yard is open on weekdays and can handle special requests for larger orders.  This helps with transport logistics as well as capacity.
  • Market capacity. CAC has a longstanding, direct export customers; only 1/3 of its active trading market is served with existing metal supply.
  • Reliance on small buyers. CAC is able to ship to smaller customers not served by bulk exporters.  This protects CAC from market risk in dealing with large buyers or a few large trading companies: CAC maintains its own market.
  • Shipping company relationships. CAC’s long history with Evergreen, Hanjin, Hyundai, Yangming, Cosco and other shipping lines give CAC preferred-customer treatment and prices.
  • Container availability. CAC has the rare distinction amongst local yards to get “guaranteed availability” from major container companies. Yards shipping lower volumes can suffer costly waits for container availability.
  • Yard Experience. CAC’s yards has been operating at scale since 2009.
  • Yard capacity. CAC maintains capacity of more than 20,000 tonnes per month for large projects.
  • Safety programs. CAC is a member of PICS and is COR-certified.
  • Environmental program. CAC’s environmental program was reviewed in its successful bid to become the primary materials handler for large projects with the BC Government and a leading oilsands operator.
  • Your Trucking Distance. CAC’s yards are centrally located in Edmonton and the Fraser Valley.
  • Rail/ship distance. CAC puts materials on rail less than 32km from its yards. A shipment through Edmonton to Asia is transported as follows: 0.3% by truck, 11.4% by rail, and 88.3% by ship – among of the safest ratios in the scrap industry.
  • Safety of container exports. Containers are less likely to leak or cause other hazards compared against bulk shipping.
  • Financial Capacity. CAC maintains a seven-figure line of credit, which is available for to support major project operations.
  • Insurance. CAC maintains $10 million of general liability insurance.
  • Trailer Ownership. CAC maintains its own fleet of 40 container chassis and 19 materials trailers, including bunk flatbeds and Super-B extended trailers.
  • Dedicated dispatch. Hauling is managed by CAC’s full-time dispatcher to minimize downtimes.
  • Qualified hauler history. CAC has been working for four years with its dedicated hauling subcontractors, which comply with CAC’s safety program and have had no accidents.
  • Internal handling capacity/training. CAC does not subcontract any operations in its yard – all cutting and handling is done by CAC-trained staff, ensuring compliance with policies and a consistent, efficiency-oriented culture.
  • Handling at site. CAC typically handles almost all materials at its Edmonton and Maple Ridge sites. CAC maintains offsite demolition capability where required.
  • Own machinery. CAC maintains almost all of its own machinery, minimizing safety and efficiency risks associated with rented or contracted machinery.