MR sepia

Company founder Hong Yang began his metal trading career at the age of 9, collecting and recycling metal shell casings during a period of conflict in his native China.

After studying metallurgy and pursuing careers in academia and heavy industry in Tianjin, Hong began to ship scrap metal from the US and Canada across the Pacific.

In 1999, Hong moved to Canada full-time and founded CAC.  For its first ten years, CAC built on Hong’s trading network around the Pacific Rim and exported a peak of 40,000 tonnes in 2009.  That year, CAC opened its own 15-acre Canadian scrapyard in Edmonton, Alberta, followed soon after by a 5-acre paved yard in Maple Ridge.

Unlike most scrapyards, CAC has remained close to its export roots: all materials are purchased with a market in mind, and are typically processed and exported in less than a month.  The company does not maintain a static inventory.

CAC aims to change the way the scrap industry works in Western Canada by building state-of-the-art facilities, procedures, and a professional approach to its markets.  CAC’s vision is of a pollution-free environment for tomorrow’s generations.  CAC’s mission is to continually improve our services while minimizing the environmental footprint of our clients’ industries.