CAC has put together a team of leaders from across its industry.  Alphabetically, they are:

headshot - HY 2b Harold “Hong” Yang is CAC’s CEO. A former applied sciences professor at Tianjin University in China, Hong has been working with or trading his entire business career. To date, he has shipped more than 600,000 tonnes of steel from North America to Asia and is known as one of North America’s leading exporters of scrap steel, amongst other commodities. Hong holds a Master’s degree in polymer sciences from Tianjin University and can, even today, be found at the helm of metals handling machinery.  Hong is the holder of a number of patents related to his scientific work.
xiao headshot

Xiao Yang, P. Eng, is CAC’s Manager of Special Projects.  Since 2007, Xiao has held positions throughout the company, including that of manager of the Edmonton yard and as office manager for the overseas shipping systems.  Xiao is one of CAC’s most experienced equipment operators.  Xiao holds an engineering degree from the University of Toronto.