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We buy your steel in Edmonton

CAC is Western Canada’s leader in scrap metal recycling and offshore steel exports.   CAC offers risk-free, end-to-end materials removal and site cleanup throughout northern Alberta.

Founded in 1999, CAC remains family-operated.  Committed to safety and environmental best practices, CAC is certified in COR and is a member of ISN, CQN, ISRI, RIOS and Avetta.

CAC’s mission is to continually improve our services while minimizing the environmental footprint of our clients’ industries.  CAC’s vision is to become the leading materials handling and storage provider serving oilfield and related industries.

Our Pledge

With our efficient yards and shipping system, we are able to offer competitive prices, long hours, and fast unloads.

Many yards find it difficult to avoid lineups – we know that your time is money, and make unloading our top priority.

Unlike most scrapyards, CAC is generally able to handle, load, and sell your materials within a matter of only a few days – and we pass those savings on to you.

What we buy

  • steel, including oversized, prepared, or odd sized
  • machinery, including electric motors
  • other mixed metals on a case-by-case basis

All materials must be warrantied free of hazardous materials and contaminants, including oil and oil-based products.